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removeItemFrom... does not remove magazines
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The removeItemFromBackpack (vest, uniforms also) produce an error when they encounter a magazine class item; works with weapon class items.


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private ["_PlayerBackpackItemsArray "];

_PlayerBackpackItemsArray = backpackItems player;
player removeItemFromBackpack _x;
} forEach _PlayerBackpackItemsArray ;

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Confirmed (latest dev build)

'RemoveItem' and 'RemoveItemFromXXX' also doesn't work with weapons even though the 'AddItem' variant does work with weapons.

EDIT: 'RemoveItem' also doesn't work with goggles.

should be fixed since DEV. 124416 (will be distributed tomorrow)

Thank you japapatramtara.

I am not using the DEV build, so I can't test this, maybe someone else can help out with this. I will check it, when it is released into the stable branch.

The removeItem commands work now on weapons/magazines/glasses.

Though it seems the 'removeItems' command isn't accepting weapons/magazines/glasses.

An alternative would be just to use 'itemsWithMagazines' command in a loop with 'removeItem'.

so I guess we can close this issue as Resolved?

Yes, japapatramtara, you can close this ticket as successfully resolved. Thank you!

wow another day, another resolved task.. another beer for japapatramtara ;-)

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