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Double image on sights
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I find that the sights of some weapons has a double image. The problem is wors when I use the NV glasses. {F22693}


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Get some weapons with ACOG scope or similar rifle

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You just have to go into your video settings and change your Depth of View down to zero. This should fix it.

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"Field of view"

xD Fail.

You need to put your Depth of field to zero.

The Depth of field to zero is using around the screen not the main sights on the scope.
And this is the first time I see the issue. On version 1.02 I don't have this issue.

This is a very serious issue the sights are useless with NV GOOGLES.

Can you please explain, what's the problem with screenshot you attched? Everything looks normal to me, am i missing something?

The sights has a double image efect that difficult the aiming. Using the nv googles the sights has a distortion effect even worse. Now using the sights are difficult and I can't see the center of sights very good but with the nv googles genetar a worse distortion effect that difficult the aiming very much.

Dupe of #15857.