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Physx3_86.dll is causing game to crash every 20-30 minutes
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Dump is uploaded. Cannot tell anything more than the game crashes, cannot link it to any ingame related actions.



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I cannot really reproduce it, it happens randomly, every 20-30 minutes.

I rarely had this problem during Alpha / Beta stage but since full release it has been getting worse and worse.

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Windows 7 x64
Intel i5 3450
256 GB SSD
Nvidia GeForce 660GT

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I need this file too arma3_2013-11-02_19-42-37.bidmp. Could you please upload this file too? Thank you.

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i only have those 2 files unfortunately, there was no bidmp file next to the rpt file.

I am away from my gaming PC until Friday, i ll try to get new dumps with the corresponding dump files.

I had this crash twice yesterday, after not having it for a very long time. Here are two dump files and reports.

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Rather than making another new ticket, I've added some related crash dumps "" (the first i've had in arma 3!)

I was playing BI campaign mission "Tipping Point", using Dev build 1.05.111807. At time of crash, I was opening inventory on dead soldier, and was near simultaneously both shot with rifle and injured by nearby landing scripted artillery shell.

derdoe added a comment.Nov 8 2013, 1:13 PM

I added fresh dumps from today, i hope that helps!

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I had my antivirus programm disabled today and did not experience any crash in 4 hours continuous gameplay. I dont know if that is in any way linked to the problem.

I was getting BSOD only with Arma3, I loaded basic services only then started switching things back on, turned out it was an unsigned driver causing the issue.