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In Multiplayer games, when players enter the co-pilot seat of an air vehicle, they cause the MROT to break (Collision problem)
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This issue seems to be occurring on a random basis on a serverside level.

In any large scale multiplayer mission, there is a chance that if a player enters the copilot seat while a helicopter already has a pilot, the player will desync outside and experience some sort of PHYSX problem. Everyone else in the server can see the player 'bouncing' around the rotors of the helicopter, whereas the copilot who caused the problem cannot. The problem lies with the 'get-in' animation when large quanities of players enter a vehicle.

The MROT (Main rotor) is instantly disabled by the player colliding with the rotors. Any attempts to repair the helicopter, and even when the fault copilot disembarks from the vehicle, the MROT re-disables itself. A very strange, and spontaneous bug.



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This is quite difficult to reproduce as it seems to rely on a number of factors, such as PHYSX, client connection to the server and type of mission.

However, this seems most common on Wasteland, Invade & Annex, Domination and Life servers, where a large group of players bundle into a helicopter, the get-in animation seems to cause the problem and cause the player to 'glitch' into the rotors of the aircraft and cause it to become disabled (MROT collision).

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This is a fairly important problem which often causes inconvenience and lose of immersion in online multiplayer games, where helicopters are completely disabled by this player glitch.

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No major issue of all helicopters, but just WY-55 helicopters has this problem. Was only bad geometry on main rotor. Now should be fixed.

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Has this been applied to the Dev-branch or main branch in a hotfix or as part of a main update? I didn't see it in the patch notes. Thank you for providing an answer to this problem!

First it appears in the Dev-branch, later in the main branch.

Apparently not yet fixed.

It's a duplicate of this bug - 0016456 (, please monitor that.