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AI helicopter will always climb to lose speed before landing
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AI helicopter pilots, when ordered to land anywhere, will always lose speed by climbing, sometimes to three times it's original flyInHeight. There are several reasons why this is problematic:

  1. Climbing too high in a chopper exposes the chopper to enemy fire
  2. It's unrealistic for a "real" helicopter pilot to lose speed like this. Usually, they "bleed" out speed by leveling out early, pushing the collective down to avoid climbing, and curving in on the landing site

Since AI pilots always refuse to land once they sighted enemies, this behavior makes creating chopper insertions extremely frustrating, especially since even disabling targeting and even FSM for the pilot does not seem to have any impact on landing once an enemy is spotted. {F22648}


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Steps To Reproduce

Repro mission included. Alternatively, use these steps:

  • Place a chopper (call it chopper) with AI pilot (flying), group it with player (make sure player is group leader), then add "player moveInCargo chopper;" to players init field.
  • Start mission, order pilot to fly somewhere (so it picks up speed) and then order any unit (pilot) to get out to enforce a landing.
  • Notice the chopper climbing
Additional Information

The file contains a repro mission for this problem. Just launch and watch the altitude indicator on the right. The Chopper will go from the initial 20 m to over 130

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Old time issue not yet addresed.

AI cant fly well. #opflash2001

It's unbelievable this hasn't like a million votes. The problem is not tecnically related to the landing procedure per se, but to bleading air speed. The same behaviour can be seen when a chopper flying at ~ 270 km/h gets near it final move waypoint. The bleeding speed starts at up to 700 meters from the waypoint position, because the pilot want to get there at a hover.