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Maxwell going past load screen
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In the third chapter of Survive, when trying to load the part Maxwell, the game does it's usual loading stuff but it shows everything loaded and then just stops. The task manager says ArmA's running so I don't think it freezes or crashes, I have to go to task manager and end the process and I've tried this about 6 times each with the same thing, can't even get to gameplay.

Hope someone can help, thanks. {F22640} {F22641} {F22642} {F22643} {F22644}


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Load the level

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Could you attach your rpt file? Thank you.

Could you try without mods and especially without exThreads=6 parameter? Thank you.

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Hmm. Well I didn't have any mods installed, I just had that in parameters. But I did remove exThreads and @Mods parameters and ran through it again, this time once it got "done" loading (What I believe to be basically the end of loading when both bars become full) it crashed, and froze (not responding) which is new. I'll upload the rpt and try again, see what happens.

edit: It did create a bidmp file, don't know if you need that or not, let me know.

edit2(post second and third try): Alright, seems to be working now. Just that one crash and then it loaded up fine the third and second time. Got a couple seconds into the intro animations, and everything is good. Thanks!

Yes I need them, .rpt file, .bidmp file and .mdmp file if file is created. Thank you.

There it is. Have a good halloween, I'll still check this if you need me.

Hello, is this still valid?

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