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Server public variables not available in client preInit
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Broadcasted server public variables are not available in client preInit.

That's a major issue as it also affects paramsArray which is also not available on clients in preInit.

Debug output looks like this in client RPT:

[33567,893.745,0,"Executing fn_preinit.sqf"]
["preInit value of client pvtestvar:",any]
["preInit value of client paramsArray:",any]
[33567,893.77,0,"fn_preinit.sqf processed"]
[35964,897.012,0,"Executing init.sqf"]
["init.sqf value of client pvtestvar:",1]
["init.sqf value of client paramsArray:",[1]]
[35964,897.012,0,"init.sqf processed"] {F22637}


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Steps To Reproduce

Start the attached mission on a dedicated server (it will send one test public variable from the server and has class params in description.ext).

After the mission has started check client RPT. Both, the server test public variable and paramsArray are nil in preInit.

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It makes sense to downvote a bug in the preInit implementation...

This is intentional. That's why it's called "preInit" - because it's executed before anything else is initialized. I recommend to use "postInit" instead.

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Well, it affects paramsArray too (which seems to be nothing more than a PV too).

Sad to see that this will also not change.

Mass closing resolved issues not updated since November.

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