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Checkpoint continuation error
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While playing the campaign in DEV branch, during some missions after completing a task, the mission will fail to continue on and the squad will just sit in formation.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Play the campaign in DEV branch.

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Saving and resuming the mission from the menu allows the mission to continue.

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zozo added a comment.Oct 29 2013, 9:23 AM

It is very common description of the problem. Could you please provide more info?
Like what mission, task,...etc. Thank you.

The two that I wrote down after the first occurrence happened on the mission "Crossing Paths" after meeting the FIA contact and clearing out the first small town, which the soldiers fell into line formation and sat there until I saved and exited the mission.

The second noted occurrence was on "Radio Silence" after securing the radio station and not moving on the repel forces stage.

A simple save and exit, then continuing from the main screen allowed these mission to continue.

Zipper5 added a subscriber: Zipper5.May 7 2016, 5:15 PM

Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce this problem in Radio Silence. What's most strange is that it works after you save, exit, and then continue. Are you able to provide a more detailed account of what happened during your playthrough that might help isolate this issue?

wok added a subscriber: wok.May 7 2016, 5:15 PM
wok added a comment.Nov 1 2013, 1:46 AM

I think I have this problem too. I was playing the campaign (on normal branch not dev), and in the mission "Crossing Paths" the squad stopped about 250mts before LZ Connor, we took some enemies from there and since the squad wasn't moving I advanced and secured LZ Connor. Now I am supposed to continue to secure Agios Cephas, but the squad is just standing there, the leader gave the order to move 300mts to the front but he or any other squad member wont move. And if I try to advance the mission will fail when I get far from the squad. Saving and resuming didn't work. I can't continue the campaign without reverting, and not sure if it would happen again after reverting, will try it if I get some free time tomorrow.

UPDATE: Tried reverting and replaying the mission and this time it worked fine.

Yeah, I've encountered this too, and it's very random and very seldom too and not related to the mission.

It seems like the group leader is unwilling to execute the waypoint action for some reason.

Reverting helps.

AZCoder added a subscriber: AZCoder.May 7 2016, 5:15 PM

Encountered this playing the mission "Crossing Paths" on the regular branch. Stuck at Agios Cephas, TL stopped giving orders after the place was cleared.

neokika added a subscriber: neokika.May 7 2016, 5:15 PM


I was unable to reproduce this issue on Stable Branch, tried 3 times and mission always progressed fine.

I wonder if your team was in combat mode, when they got stuck. I ask this because one of the conditions for each objective is that the team in no longer in combat mode.
Were you using any mods? Especially Ai mods, that could influence the group visibility/fighting abilities.

I probably had CBA3 running, but nothing else. The team was wiped out except for the TL and myself, and no idea if it was in combat mode, although he never gave the all clear so I would say probably. When I ran it again from the previous save location, the entire team survived and there was no problem at all.

Ran into this problem tonight in Crossroads tonight. Running on Windows 7 64-bit with CBA, Refined Vehicles, ShackTac Fireteam HUD, Agile Helicopters, Improved Ragdoll, map Autobrightness, Ammobox with VAS, and Gesture VTS mods. I am not convinced that these are a contributing factor.

After taking the rendezvous point and LZ Connor I proceeded south west towards Agios Cephas I eliminated the three riflemen in the open using weapon mounted grenades and then flanked west south west around the buildings and approached coming up the hill. (I have a save point I can send in that will show exactly where I was approaching from).

If I continued around the stone building and began clearing the buildings with the shack first the next mission object trigger would not fire. If this trigger doesn't fire, the rest of the fire team will not advance. To get it to fire I had to proceed north into and enter the stone building from the west side.

After the enemy unit detects me (provided the bug hasn't previously been triggered) the mission objective trigger fires and the team orders me to clear the buildings and they advance.

If the bug has occurred then the trigger doesn't fire and the mission comes to a halt, until the campaign is completely exited, and reloaded from the main menu.

Hope this helps, let me know if you would like the save file, and where I can send it to.

I'll also give this mission another shot tomorrow with no mods loaded and see if I can recreate the issue.

Update 7/4/2014:

Attempted to run the mission again today with no mods loaded. Same approach technique, slightly different behavior. Clear buildings was prompted, but mission halted after buildings were cleared with 3 out of 5 members of squad in court yard (one may have been lost, I'm afraid I'm not positive on that though), the other was south of the court yard, and I was still running around waiting for the mission to end.

Same triggering mechanisms though: sneak around back, attack unit in shack attached to stone building, circle back attack unit in building without being seen by either.

I also stand corrected I don't have save files (they don't seem to exist outside of memory?) I do have .rpt files if they'll help. I'm also willing to jump in and see if I can record a video.

I'm not sure, but i think i noticed some enemies running to the west as soon as the shooting starts at Agios Cephas. Is it possible them running away makes us unable to kill them and therefor not advance? I was on the road when i saw this.

zozo added a comment.Sep 2 2015, 12:17 PM

I think this can be closed - it never happened again. Right?

Going for unable to repro.

cjmUK added a subscriber: cjmUK.Sep 2 2017, 3:02 AM

Just encountered this bug on Crossing Paths at Agios Cephas - Save & Exit got me past it.