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Pistol attachments to include flashlights and or lasers.
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I would like to see flashlight and or laser attachments included for sidearms in the future. As pistols in game include rails on their lower recievers I think that aim assist lasers or flashlights would add more to sidearm combat in close quarters settings. You viewers may argue with me on this as I'm unsure if previous Arma titles had this feature or if this topic has already been discussed.
Thank you for your interest.


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I dont see any reason to not be adding flashlights for sidearms. Very useful to have on night time cqb. I wouldnt mind lasers that can be visible even without NVG but I doubt thats gonna happen.

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And i think .-. holding a flashlight without a pistol could be also awesome :D

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I really miss this functionality.

Ii would be usefull and also realistic.

How can this not be in the game already? I just encountered this "bug" when I tried and failed to find a gun that could hold a flashlight.

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I also think this should be implemented for the Vermin and the PDW2000.

A simple torchlight, which maybe can be hold under the handgun with the other hand, would be useful, too

Denis, Vermin already has a flashlight by default, you don't need to put ANOTHER one on it.

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About time to review this?