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SetAITalk Command
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Can't stop AI radio chatter during scripted conversations with radio subtitles. These commands do not work: player setVariable ["BIS_noCoreConversations", true]; player disableConversation true; enableRadio false; enableSentences false; - if I'm missing something, do vote down and explain to me! But presently, I'm still getting voices like 'Area clear!' etc. Would be good perhaps, to get a new command. Something like setAITalk false/true...


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Yes this is really annoying. I currently developed a full mission with all my own audio recording for my mission partner. But for some reason, he starts talking from time to time with a second voice to tell me “Area Clear”. I just want him to shut up. I just want to disable the Audio automatic chat …

I understand that a lot of stuff cannot be done without a lot of effort. But on this, I know it can be done with a simple IF condition. It is annoying … this is one of the reason why I do not release that mission. I cannot stand my mission partner to chat all the time over the character voice I already recorded for him.

I would really appreciate a scripting command like …
Soldier1 AITalk false

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AITalk false command please!

This is really quite a frustrating issue - working on a project with custom voices - and then, you hear the AI voice! NEED an option to turn this off! Otherwise the whole KB system is rendered a little pointless.

Also, would be good to stop default player speech. Such as 'One Less' etc. An AITalk and playerTalk command would be wonderful:

Soldier1 AITalk false = no audible, default reports.

Player playerTalk false = disables all audible reports in the radio menu.

The only workaround so far is to set enemy as captives. But obviously, this imposes some limits to what you can do in the editor.

This really is needed. +1.

Please BIS, mission makers need to be able to disable AI voices. At present, there is no way of doing so without disabling custom chatter too.

We need enableAISpeech command.

Can anyone comment on whether or not this sort of command would be difficult to implement?

I can't imagine it would be that difficult to do. As you said, Scott, the setAlive command seems to do the trick - but it's not really a good enough solution...

It'd also be great to get it working in vehicles - I can't stop the commander yelling out targets!

Created an account just to +1 this. Totally needed.

Its not that I don't enjoy the standard voices. I just don't want to hear them when I make custom missions. I have tried everything I can think off to make them stop.

Like Frag, I've developed a mission and can't release it until this is resolved.

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'enableSentences false;' works. We're even using it in official missions during conversations.

Hi Moricky - I swear I tried that but just tested it a moment ago and appears to do the trick! Thanks ever so much mate, I'll close the ticket.

enableSentences false does the job just fine. My mistake - sorry all!