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A-143 CCIP Bomb Recticle incomplete and wrong
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The A-143 the reticule shooting bombs is inverted and partially incomplete puzzle. in the game the recticule extends upward and not downward as it should to make the distance of the aircraft from the point of impact of the bomb on the ground. The CCIP is often represented by a straight line extended by a circle, as it would be a weight on a string
To make correct CAS we need this system.


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Easy to see it in first view on plane's HUD when the bomb are selected.

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There isn't any CCIP in vanilla Arma 3...

But we need it

I'll add onto this in that the reticule displayed in the A-143 is the same that has been in since Armed Assault, it is non-functional and does not in any way indicate the release point or intended position a munition will hit.

A CCIP (Constantly Computed Impact Point) system is what has been needed for some time in Arma, however due to how aircraft are kept in a simple and untouched fashion until late, it has never been implemented. It was only recently implemented in Arma 2 ACE by Nou as demonstrated here:
(His method also includes a CCRP system, which in my opinion is not necessary for Arma's environment and is less user friendly.)

Nou has shown that is is entirely possible in Arma. It's just likely you'll need to wait until BIS get to the stage where they start touching up the fixed-wing side of things.

I would also suggest that due to this being the issue thread for CCIP. That the original author tidies it up and provides more information relevant to the topic to better prioritise it for the BIS Dev's/Moderators.

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^Yes, it doesn't work, so it's kinda pointless correcting it (that is to say, making it look correct but without actually functioning).

ArmA needs to focus on the vehicles a bit more. Infantry is decent enough, vehicles need work. Compared to dedicated tank or flight sims, it's completely arcade. Properly functioning planes, helicopters, tanks would be great, armor and air has traditionally been unplayable (compared to sims) without mods like ACE etc. This would take a while so it's unreasonable to expect it to all be fixed immediately, but it should be worked on step-by-step.

Anyways, dumb bombs are almost impossible to use effectively without a bomb sight.

Unguided rockets have the same problem.
The CCIP is easy to calculate as shown here: if it doesn't have to be accurate to the millimetre or be generated from genuine sensors on the aircraft. It should have properly been implemented ages ago.

Voted this one up. I realize ARMA is about infantry, but I'd like to keep my friends on the ground safe when I come in for a run. CCIP is the only logical choice.

UpVote! Was about to add a ticket about this myself. Can´t belive that they still havent got a CCIP for bombs when there is a script mod that does a half decent job.

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I made a similar ticket issue, not about CCIP, but for air/vehicles in general.

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Completely Agree, its totaly impossible to deliver your Bombs when noone Lasermarked it, an you dont do a Dive attack and Drop them all at once, which is kinda waste of Ordnance.
This is very needed for Jets

Still no CCIP for anything air related. :/ Is it really that hard? (seems so)

oukej added a subscriber: oukej.May 31 2016, 5:32 PM

Done in 1.60.