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Zubr wrong caliber
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If the new Zubr revolver based on the Chappia Rhino 60DS, he has got wrong caliber.

The Rhino 60DS was created to use:
-357 Magnum
-.40 S&W

In Fact the .357 Magnum is more powerful than the .45 ACP


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just use it

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it supposed to be .357 - thats why it is called "heavy"

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 5:09 PM

What on earth is ".50 AE caliber aka .357 Magnum" supposed to mean?

Calibre denotes the calibre of either the bore or the projectile.

.50 Action Express and .357 Magnum are two COMPLETELY different cartridges. Please stop perpetuating nonsense like this.

You're nice you stay polite and you do not tell me that my sentences that my words have no senses I just made ​​a mistake in translation. I did not mean "aka" but "or". I did not used to speak and write in English, I do my best.

Helari added a subscriber: Helari.May 7 2016, 5:09 PM

The reason the zubr is chambered for .45 acp because it's the zubr, a gun made up by bis based on chappia rhino and not actually chappia rhino.

The reason why bis uses made up names is because that gives them more freedom in design without pedantists and nerds jumping at them immediately.

Ok this is a game! You think this would be the only weapon that should not respect the reality, while all the others have the same profile as in reality, I find it a shame to spend a 357 magnum gun, especially with the PhysX present in the game.

Then I apologize, I thought you mistook .357 Magnum for being the same as .50AE.

.357 Magnum or 9x21mm would make more sense than .45ACP, I fully agree, especially 9x21mm considering it's already used by the majority of the PDWs and handguns present in the game before its introduction.

Here is a reading pleasure

Similar to the problem with the Vermin and that other weapon, hopefully we can see the correct caliber for this one.

Similar to the problem with the Vermin and that other weapon, hopefully we can see the correct caliber for this one.

What is "the problem" with these weapons? Both Vermin (TDI Vector) and Sting (CZ Scorpion EVO3) have correct caliber. (.45 ACP) (9x19 mm parabellum vs. 9x21mm ingame - same caliber, different cartridge - but that's a matter of slightly changing firing chamber/magazine dimensions)

DarkWanderer, I am not quite sure if you are aware, but in a 9x21mm IWI cartridge, the projectile has a deeper set depth than a 9x19mm Parabellum, resulting in an identical overall length. As you mentioned, the chamber does have to be reamed further out to accept the longer neck, but the magazines doesn't require any modifications.

@Squeezebore: Thanks for correction, it turns out I've actually confused 9x21 IMI vs 9x21 Gyurza Russian round (which *is* slightly longer). Even better then.

EDIT: Although 9x21 IMI actaully is still slightly longer than 9x19 parabellum: 29.75mm vs 29.69mm. I don't know if 0.06mm of difference will require magazine modification, but that's not important here.

That does depend on the magazine's dimensions; I'm a handloader and I've reloaded for many rifles, some allowing multiple millimetres longer OALs, while some have you stuck at the exact length of the round meant for it. This is very common with military weapons; the magazine is only made to specifications of the standard round for the gun.

I do however not see a reason why a 9x21mm IWI loaded with regular 120-150gr ball projectile shouldn't fit into and feed from the CZ magazine; 0,06mm is nothing in this case. Reaming out the chamber and making some very small changed to the extractor would most likely make use of 9x21mm possible in the Cz.

It should be noted that in the case of 9x21mm, while handloading ammunition, it's common to make them as close as possible to the length of its 9x19mm counterpart.

Does anyone however know why BIS has decided to use 9x21mm in the game's handguns and SMG/PDWs? I cannot see any reason for NATO to suddenly switch to a privately designed round meant for civilian markets in countries with morbidly stupid gun regulation laws. It would make more sense for them to switch to something like 4,6x30mm H&K PDW, 5,7x28mm FNH, or even .40 S&W/10mm Norma Magnum..

Goose added a subscriber: Goose.May 7 2016, 5:09 PM
Goose added a comment.Nov 13 2013, 1:43 PM

The Chiappa Rhino 60DS does not use .50 AE.

In fact, I don't see any Chiappa products that use .50 AE, so I am not sure where this information came from - it is incorrect.

It is offered in the following chamberings:

.357 Magnum
.357 Magnum/9x19mm
.40 S&W

I have corrected the ticket to better reflect the possible correct calibers.

Goose added a comment.Nov 14 2013, 2:10 AM

I think .357 Magnum should be chosen - it makes the most sense.

Why would they choose a revolver in the first place? If they wanted a handgun chambered in those 9mm options or .40 S&W, they would choose an automatic, right?

So I think .357 is the only caliber that really makes sense.

Getting into more detail: I think they would choose a light bullet for maximum muzzle velocity, because (1) the 125-gr hollowpoint is commonly said to be "the" load for .357 Magnum, and (2) it seems all armor-piercing handgun cartridges try to have as high a velocity as possible, to maximize kinetic energy on impact.

Perhaps they use a hollowpoint, I doubt Iran cares too much about any prohibitions on them, perhaps they use FMJ, perhaps a special AP bullet for use against body armor.

Remington 125-gr JHP has the following figures:

Muzzle velocity = 1450 ft/s
Velocity at 50 yards = 1240 ft/s
Velocity at 100 yards = 1090 ft/s
Velocity at 150 yards = 993 ft/s

So config would look like this:

initSpeed = 442;
airFriction = 0.003; (average of all three distances/velocities)

Hit value, at least equal to .45 ACP, at most I think +1, so either 9 or 10.