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Missing sounds while walking crouched
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Only 1 of each 2 steps are heard while walking crouched.


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Just turn on the speakers and walk crouched.

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to replicate this you need a gun.

raise your gun to ready pos.

crouch, then walk.

you will hear only one foot step..

now lower your weapon into safe stance.

crouch and walk, you will now hear two footsteps as you should.

It seems that this only happens when you have your gun raised..

This has been an issue for years, is even present in ARMA 2..... definitely needs to be fixed....

not happening to me

Pressing 'W' while walking in the crouched position with gun raised emits only one left footstep which is also out of sync (slight delay) with the foot hitting the ground.
All other directions & stances have 2 footsteps nicely in sync with the animation.

This issue is still present in the latest update (1.10)

Yet another update with no fix on this simple but annoying issue...

Walking forward in crouched position with RIFLE there is only 1 footstep sample making the character sound one legged.

I've tried it with pistol and it's fine there are 2 footsteps.
Switch to rifle and walk in crouched position you will only hear only 1 footstep.

Still not fixed

Another game update and still not fixed :-z

Almost a year to fix a footstep audio sample lol

This issue is now fixed...
"Walking forward in crouched position with RIFLE there is only 1 footstep sample making the character sound one legged."

Now walking in crouched position with 'PISTOL LOWERED' emits no footstep sounds at all.

if you think about it, what if that's intentional, as in to make walking crouched with pistol lowered a "sneaking" stance?

Yes I did initially give that a thought before reporting it, but it's literally like he has a special mute button on his boots :-)

Raise pistol = clear footsteps
Lower pistol = total silence

The audio is definitely missing.