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Zoomed optics
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The ACO and other zoomed optics should not allow the player to see outside the optics at the same zoom level as he sees inside the optics.

All screen, except the optics, should go completely out of focus and NOT zoomed.



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Get a 4x or up zoomed optic, put the eye inside it and you'll see outside the optics the world at the same zoom level as in the optics.

That is improper.

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As a sidenote, when a soldier puts his eye in a zoomed sight, it is OBVIOUS that if he has the light behind him, such light is shadowed by his head.

NO LIGHT REFLECTION IN ZOOMED OPTICS (and that's a nasty problem which is to be solved).

Picture shows how the light is hitting the optics, how far the eye zooming is actually is from the optics as well as the fact that when the optics is up, the whole world is zoomed and not just what the optics sees.

Yes this is very annoying with Trackir being able to look away from the scope but still having super zoomed vision :-s

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Duplicate of #8592

Good one Ceeb, voted. :)

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Duplicate of 8592