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Rifle Clipping
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Rifle clips through objects: Ground, rocks, trees, buildings, ANYTHING.

Result is target is on sight, bullet hits the object because rifle is clipping while sight isn't.

At Elite level means you're dead.


Rifle clips through rock but sight sees beyond.
Result is hitting the rock.

Sight sees target below ridge because the rifle clips through it. Result is hitting the ground.


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It is very easy to avoid clipping when you use visual cues and external views but that doesn't mean those who play Elite must die silly because of an engine deficiency (I'd actually say a physical impossibility since one object can't go through another).

At this level there are no cues and the AI is unforgiving.

This is a game breaker to me because I play Elite level.

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Have you played A2? If you have, do you remember how difficult it was to clear the buildings when your gun gets stuck in every possible situation? This is probably the reason why they removed it.

"Rifle clips through rock but sight sees beyond."
Yup, just like in real life (except for the clipping). I know you can't put your barrel inside a rock in real life, but it doesn't mean you will automatically have a line of fire even if you have a line of sight.

But I do agree that there should be a clear cue if there's something directly in front of the barrel, even on harder difficulty settings. Or maybe allow clipping inside the buildings (otherwise CQB would be pain-in-the-donkey), but not with rocks...

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I saw the review of an Xbox game where soldiers were automatically lowering their weapons when a friend was in their sights (it's the standard USA regulations).

Provided the automatic motion is *very quick*, it's the solution I would adopt when rifle is in proximity of an obstacle. If this was coupled with an optional visual cue that would be candy.

In a way, I wonder if it is not normal. If you are very near an object, you can see over it through your sight, but if you shoot, you'll shoot in the object. Try to do it IRL...

When you bring the sight up what you see is what the sight sees and what the sight sees is something like 5cm above the muzzle.

This is a matter of proximity, does any of you remember how Pterodon fixed the "clipping" and "shooting from behind obstacle" in their game "Vietcong"? The soldier leaned and put the rifle ABOVE the rocks when bringing up the sights.

I say we need something like that and it would be useful for close quarters in buildings. Definitely...

... any solution as long as it's not the way it is now.

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Duplicate of #9181.