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Darter UAV too frail
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When I assemble the Darter UAV e.g. on top of a small watchtower, where the little rim seams the area where the roof begins, then the UAV gets damaged or even destroyed. Same happens if you assemble it near another object, like a bucket.

Generally it seems too frail. I agree it shouldn't withstand multiple projectile hits, but it should be a bit more rigid specially during assemble/spawn. {F22521} {F22522} {F22523} {F22524}


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce
  • get on a small watchtower
  • assemble the UAV on top of the little ridge
  • usually the UAV blows up
Additional Information

I can understand why it happens engine-wise, but it really shouldn't. Maybe create some kind of "spawn protection".

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I agree, some spawning protection, like handling the damage from collisions for the first few seconds would probably solve this issue.

Currently even the smallest bump or slightly rougher landing will make the darter go out of commission.

The thing appears to be made of plastic and the rotors appear shielded, I reckon it could handle some bumps and nudges without being wrecked.

Freakin P.O.S.

This is fixed for me in dev branch. Thanks.

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