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Man class has difficulties moving around on large shipx class vehicles
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The man class simulations seems to lack whatever vehicles have which allows them to move around on a moving object while man class glitches out. {F22517}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Download a ship like this one here:
  2. Place infantry on the ships deck and test. Then give the ship a waypoint and test again with the ship moving.

There is also a repro mission below that uses the LCS from the link above.

Additional Information

The purpose of fixing this is more so for mods at the moment but could be applied to the vanilla game later on.

This video shows here that this is possible with another vehicle class: and maybe by giving whatever the vehicle class has to allow it to move on a large ships to the man class cloud solve this issue.

A forum post for this issue exists here:

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I will add credible/relative information to this. Need a couple days to strip a model and sort my thoughts on the topic though. This is something we've been trying to sort over at AlphaSquad for a bit now (man class related things, Mk V, VLCC, Semisubmersible). Anyone with insight/experience, please take part and share your knowledge.

If this is something that simply will not or cannot be addressed, it would be nice to know now. Before investing more time in what appears currently to be a still fruitless venture. :)

We need the experts on this to share there knowledge here. I will replace the description from information given by people in the notes below. Hopefully we can get drivable vehicles which you can walk, drive, land and take off from working for modders.

A thread for discussion on this issue exists here:

I am very glad to see this issue has been assigned!