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Request for a command to hide all waypoinrts
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Sometimes it's useful to hide all the waypoints from the screen, in order to clear the clutter, and have improved immersion.

Sample usage:
showWaypoints false; hides all waypoints
showWaypoints true;
shows all waypoints

  • The Shift + LeftClick waypoint should be included in the list
  • This command should only have local effects


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What is wrong with

{_x showWaypoint "Never"} forEach waypoints player

@Killzone_Kid, thanks for the suggestion. However, it does does not seem to hide the "Shift-LeftClick" waypoint. Is there another method to hide that one?

Yes, just turn it off in the options ^^ Its under difficutly.

He means when making a mission.

What does the shift-leftClick add more?

@FECOnlyBone, I don't want to permanently disable waypoints. I'm looking for a way to toggle their visibility at will ... which is exactly what Killzone_Kid suggested. The only problem with that is, that it does not hide all waypoints.

@papy.rabbit.08, Shift+LeftClick is sort of a special waypoint you can add manually, from the map view. The problem is that it does not seem to behave like other waypoints, and the existing showWaypoint command does not have any effect on it.