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Bring the GPS back to the map screen
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In Arma 2, the GPS was visible on the map and displayed the GPS coordinates of your soldier. Unfortunately, in Arma 3, this functionality is gone, and the GPS is no longer visible. To see your exact position, you have to hide the map, switch on the GPS, and then switch back to map.

It would be great to see the GPS on the map again, showing your exact coordinates.

Note: All of this of course only applies if you actually HAVE a GPS in your inventory.


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This is somewhat related to bug #8485, but this report really just calls for the basic GPS, not additional tools.

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GPS from Arma2 was much better. It was part of equipment like watch and compass, now it feels more like part of UI, which is not good in my opinion.

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You guys simply just need to learn how to read coordinates on your map ;)

But I can understand, that this can be a pain in the neck, if the settings not allow to show the player on the map.

Koala, you misunderstand the point of this feature request.

I'm quite happy that it is possible to remove any trace of the "magic player position indicator" on the map (see my other bugs #15266 and the now closed #5568, reported by myself).

The point is: In Arma 2, you could actually see the GPS (the device) on the map screen (along with radio, watch, and compass). It would not show the map, but it would show the coordinates.

In Arma 3, the GPS is not visible. To actually know your coordinates, you have to switch back to main view, open the GPS with CTRL+M, read the coordinates, and then switch back to map and determine your position.

What I would like to see is the GPS, showing the coordinates (not your exact position) to be visible on the map screen.

Koala beacause gps is for people who play with disabled player position on the map. I've upvoted because coordinates should be visible in map mode. It would be really nice too if gps would look like part of equipment like it was in arma2.

Can't find a dupe/earlier ticket on that one...can it be?

Would like to see this as well.