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Cannot Test Headless Client
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You cannot perform testS with headless Client on dedicated box unless you buy another copy of the game.

This seems good if your after cash and bad if you want any feedback on headless client.
Mission makers cannot test HC if they cannot use it.


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Funny enough you can connect with multiple normal local game clients on a local dedicated server but not with a local headless client (local = everything is running on the same machine, dedicated server and clients, LAN mode with loopback on that is).

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Well now that's just crazy.

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And as you can see, BL1P, this isn't such an important issue. Things like "Make "DayZ" items inventory item" are more important now.

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Yer true why would anyone want to make Missions that utilise the Headless Client when you can have Zombies and Defibrillators !

I was so ready aswell I had downloaded the tutorials to learn how to script in the HC I had found some nice scripted AI packages.

Then I found the AI silenced weapons bug ...

Then I found out you cant use Headless Client in Arma3 without paying twice.

If I didn't love this game so much and I had a life I would have moved on by now.
Alas I do and I don't so I haven't :)

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Some attention again to this issue would be nice.
I would suggest BI the following:

set-up a tool similiar to server package where no GUI is available. Might be a bit of work, but would make headless clients a solution more people could use.

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The hc is only a client without 3D acceleration (GUI).
I like the way how headless clients are handled.
I don't think its a problem to buy arma3 twice, because you can setup a headless client to run them on multiple server @ once.
For example i use HC's on my server, 1HC license are active on about 20 arma3 server without any problem.

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