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A topic i posted on the Forums, and no one disagrees. Thought id bring it here. What if, you have your airplane. You just finished with an Air to Air sortie, and your needed for CAS. You'd have to change aircraft completely right? Right! Now. Imagine, pulling up beside an Ammo crate or Ammunition's truck for vehicles. You scroll on the truck, and instead of simply re arming with the same weaponry, it gave you an option of weapons depending on the Hard points (weapon slots) underneath your aircraft. Now you select 2 Air-to-Ground, 2 Rocket Pods, and 2 AA Missiles on your Buzzard, just in case. How awesome would it be if you could do that? Bringing real life flexibility to load outs, not just for infantry, but for vehicles, depending on the role. That would seriously emphasize the "ADAPT" perspective of Arma 3, and would be perfect if BI implemented this in. So instead of hopping into another airplane, you load what you need, rocket pod appears on the wings, and now you can cope with different challenges.


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Scripts using addweapon and addmagazine can do this already.

But they don't add the models to the vehicles. I know that's only visual, but it looks stupid dropping invisible bombs.

agreed. John Spartan and Saul's beautiful F/A-18 addon has this, I don't know why BI wouldn't be able to implement it.
EDIT: related to a ticket of mine, 0014429. It addresses the ineffectiveness against the CAS ammunition against aircraft.

That would be really cool

"Scripts using addweapon and addmagazine can do this already. "

Unfortunately there are inconsistencies with the hard points of the A-149 regarding addweapon and addmagazine.

Yes, we have already understood about these scripts that can do these things. Scripts can do a lot of things. But this is a feature that's being requested. As in, this should be something existing within vanilla content up to working standards. When weapons are switched, the models appear on the vehicle.

I hope BIS take some time to look at these older tickets. This is a great idea.

I´d gladly take just a few more setups of the current aircrafts: A-143 FFAR/Gun only, WY-55 Hellcat Guns only, and To-199 Neophron FFAR/Gun only. Why? Because guided missiles make TVT multiplayer games much more boring as you just lock-on and fire-and-forget. With unguided weapons it´s only about player skill and tactics.

But again. If they would do it as in the mods where you can pick your loadout. That would be awesome!!

Or not as mods, but as a realism style thing. Not just for jets, Heli's too. IT's not about stripping down an aircraft, but rather about giving mission flexibility as a whole. In other words, if you want only a gun on your aircraft, you should be able to choose only a gun pod, and that's it. Now all you have is your gun pod. Or if i wanted more AGM's , i would put AGM's on the hard-points. If i wanted free fire rockets over AGM's , i would equip rocket pods. Simple. This should be the same for Heli's. If i wanted to switch out the Minigun's on the Hellcat for the 20mm Gun-pod, i should be able to do that, as it's doable with the real life counterpart, and provides many options. I would be able to equip 2 AA missiles on the AH-9, or 2 AGM's with it's miniguns. Or maybe 4 AGM's and no minigun.

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