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Wind strength should affect insects
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If you set strong wind you can still hear insects having a party like nothing happened. In reality insects disappear with strong wind.


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on sunny day

setWind [0,100,true]

and watch and listen how when wind flattens bushes insects don't care.

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this isnt necessary, in combat you dont care if a bee flys to the north or east or south due wind.. this only takes recourses form the game and the dev´s.
(sorry for bad english)

He meant the insect sounds, not the insect particle effects (bees flying etc.).

I agree with 'Killzone_Kid' in high winds insects shouldn't be present...
Also at certain times of year there should be less ambient wildlife.

@FEC it is wrong to hear insects in raging wind, feels unnatural. Go out sometimes to see what i mean

Linkage added a subscriber: Linkage.May 7 2016, 5:03 PM

Everyone here is missing FECOnlyBone's point, so don't go telling him to "go outside to see what I mean".

FECOnlyBone is saying that this issue doesn't affect the gameplay in any meaningful way and should be put on the backburner instead of occupying the Devs valuable time while theyre trying to fix actually important or game breaking bugs.

Reading comprehension guys, use it.

Linkage, this is feedback tracker if you haven't noticed. This is where you give your feedback. Where does it say that this issue is of most importance and should be made a priority? In fact are you qualified to make decisions for and on behalf of the developer? If not, then I suggest you get off your high horse and get on with the program of reporting game issues like you should.

USE READING COMPREHENSION. Read what I am saying, I am infact NOT offering MY opinion on this matter at all. I am telling you what you seem to have missed in FECOnlyBone's post, as of such I don't have to answer if I'm qualified to make those decisions on what's a priority as I (wait for it, this is the important bit)
haven't voiced my own opinion on this, nor have I said it should be a low priority.

I haven't voted either way on this issue.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 5:03 PM

I don't think this should really be bothered with. Devs have bigger problems on-hand.

PiepMGI added a subscriber: PiepMGI.May 7 2016, 5:03 PM

Insects kill FPS anyway! And by the way, "strong" winds aren't so strong (ridiculously weak for people living in South Pacific)