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Compass Position
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Yes, I did one about compass size but its not the size its the position when in 3rd person view, it blocks out the soldier.

Can we please have the option to move the compass around like we can with the GPS.

Thank You.


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Open the compass in 3rd person view

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I know this is about votes and you can vote either way, but why vote this down, and if you do give a reason why

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The reason why the compass is in the middle of the screen is so that you can use the sight to get an accurate bearing...

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 5:01 PM

@Gekkibib an accurate bearing will still be there if the compass is left or right,up or down, I don't want it rotated, the compass orientation is still the same, So your argument is null and void

No, you can't use the sights if the compass is not in the middle. If the compass would be somewhere else and you allign the sight with a landmark, you would get a wrong bearing...

The compass can be moved and still give the correct bearing. The bearing would be linked to the players "eyes"

First of all, how could you be able to move it? You can't point & click because mouse controls your aim. Yet another keys for "move compass left", "move compass right", "move compass up" and "move compass down"?

And yes, you can get a bearing if you use a compass like a casual civilian on a hiking trip... But not if you use it properly to get extremely accurate measurements. You simply can't use the sight if the compass is not exactly in the middle of the screen. Just think this for a minute. If it's on the right side of the screen and you aim at a radio tower 2500 meters away and read your compass bearing, it's not the bearing to the radio tower...

First of all you can change the layout of the UI.

Second, the reading, no matter how extreme, is still given.

Third, if you aim, you know where you are aiming so if the reading on the compass is giving you the point you are aiming at what is the difference if the compass is left, right, up, down or inside out.

Fourth, The option to move everything else is there, why not the compass and, oh wait let me start another ticket.

Fifth, Where does the compass actually point to? Is it true north, magnetic north or the other north, and if so what is the declination?

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AD2001 added a comment.Oct 1 2013, 3:17 PM

Don't compasses always point at the magnetic north? And what's the "other north"?

I think this is the moment I have to shake my head and give up... I have given my vote and it seems there's nothing more to add to this discussion...

@Gekkibi, I don't think you know how to use a compass anyway and are giving the wrong "extreme" bearings to whoever but you cast a vote thinking you know something........I'll give it a bash.A compass divided into 360 degrees is the most common unit of measurement. Each degree is divided into 60 minutes, each minute into 60 seconds. A handheld compass is not able to measure down to a minute, let alone a second, those units are used for precise locations using latitude and longitude. So how extreeeeme do you need it

AD2001,You also don't know how a compass works but again you join a discussion you know JACK ST about,

I will give you a quick lesson in maps and compass readings. A compass naturally points magnetic north, then you get true north, then you get grid north, The compass has 2 sets of numbers, one is degrees See above. The map is always North You need to orientate the map to the compass. Ahhh F itThe rest is up to you

AD2001 added a comment.Oct 1 2013, 3:38 PM

I asked if the compass points to the magnetic north. You said I don't how a compass works. Then you said a compass points to the magnetic north.


Excuse me, but don't you think it's extremely silly to jump into conclusions like that when you know absolutely nothing about me? What makes you think I don't know how to use a compass? I know very well how to use the compass we have in Arma. In matter of fact, I have the same model in real life and I use it time to time.

ummmmmm no last time I tried to get the ability to move the compass you jumped in. You voted down then and now. You don't know how one works and have never used one in real life,So no you didn't just ask you poked you long nose in again like you are stalking every issue I post. Have you looked for your name in the filter I lol'ed

@Gekkibi PLS STFU, you are lieing

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seseta added a comment.Oct 1 2013, 3:57 PM

You can move the compass around while looking at the map (to get an exact bearing)

Compass while moving around and playing is mostly used for quick reference and directions, corroborated by a quick look in the map.

What you are trying to say is like me saying that we should move the watch because it is not giving the exact bearing of where an enemy unit is.

This comes from a guy that, playing in Domination servers all the time, HAS to use the compass and finds it an incredible tool for teamwork the way it is now. Changing the size and letting you move it means removing time that devs should use to add more content and release fixes for the game.

If it aint broke, don't fix it.

EDIT: Oh wait, you also have done the watch one...
...Not going to say a thing.

@seseta are you reading this properly because what you say I am saying, is not what I' am saying. I don't need exact bearings from the compass and I also play domination, This is my point, I like to keep my compass open for a quick ref as well and it blocks my soldier, if I could move it to where the radar is in an aircraft, because when in an aircraft you have radar and cant use the compass, then it would be taking up space that is not used for me. If the GPS and everything else can be moved why not the compass and watch. It takes up no time to implement it but I agree it is not a priority to get done straight away.

Once again: The reason why compass must be in the center of the x-axis is so that you can use the sights! See that vertical wire? Small hint: it's not just a decoration! Other reason is that in real life the compass is in front of your face blocking your view as well.

You 3rd person view players always try to want features that would decrease oldskool community members gameplay. That's all.

@Gekkibi, As can be seen you are not a person of your word and I quote "I think this is the moment I have to shake my head and give up... I have given my vote and it seems there's nothing more to add to this discussion...". Had a look on google have you, STFU, it means nothing seeing that line, you need a feeeeekin map with it. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOL Old skool. I was on the Angolan border you "oldskooler"

"Had a look on google have you, STFU, it means nothing seeing that line, you need a feeeeekin map with it "
Same in English, please..?

I really doubt you "used to build bridges and I am a draughtsman specializing in reinforced concrete" either. You're just trying to troll here. And note the word "trying".

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zGuba added a comment.Oct 1 2013, 4:36 PM

JohnnieConcrete, I believe you should take the point Gekkibi makes.

The compass must be centered, because its readings are tied to direction of camera. If you require it changed so much, please convince mod makers to create 3rd party mod as it is possible to alter look and position of compass this way.

@Gekkibi, Let me assure you its all true my friend. I used to work here, that building are drawings I did, I still have them on my PC. Shapecode 60, BS standards, shapecode 20, go look em up. Sunninghill, I got a 40% payrise for that job


Wow. Just wow. I'll downvote. My reason? Your manners. End of discussion.

" Had a look on google have you, STFU, it means nothing seeing that line, you need a feeeeekin map with it."
I finally managed to decrypt what he meant. He thinks I can use the wire with a map only (with this compass type, you don't use it with a map, you use the edge of the compass). His statement proves he does not know how to use such compasses.

Here's a screenshot:

Because the compass is in the center of the screen, I can use the sight and measure precise bearing to the radio tower. In this example it is about 1300 mils, or 72 degrees (+/- 1 degree). This would be completely impossible if the compass would be somewhere else...

...But maybe precise bearings are not required on servers that have 3rd view mode enabled... Usually they tend to have map-shift click cheat enabled as well.

AD2001 added a comment.Oct 1 2013, 6:13 PM

"But maybe precise bearings are not required on servers that have 3rd view mode enabled"


"map-shift click cheat"

That is, IMO, a good feature. They just need to remove the range indicator.

I can understand those who keep it enabled because it could simulate GPS goto-function. On the other hand I don't like it how it's in the game right now (always possible to use).

...But well, it's still better than 3rd person view and show-your-location-on-a-map...

AD2001 added a comment.Oct 1 2013, 6:22 PM


This is also a good feature, but it should also only be possible when equipped with a GPS.

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