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I sound like I'm having an asthma attack after running 20 feet
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After running for a very short distance, the breathing sound gets atrocious. Don't mistake this as a "fatigue complaint". It's to do with the sound & how it's really killing immersion for me.


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Run around.

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I used to go through some really rigorous conditioning routines when I was a young man. Pulling and even carrying logs up hills and back down the other side. Sprinting down the street while carrying my mountain bike, then ride back. Running around with medicine balls & wrist & ankle weights etc etc.

I never sounded like I was having an asthma attack even when I was dragging ass and winded. That's because I don't have asthma!! /wink

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I agree, its far too loud as well ,all you can hear is that mad pant so you cant even hear a helicopter at 200m which would usually drown out your thoughts

yeah. Ahh well.

You're also not running around carrying 160 pounds of gear and ammo, in 30°C heat, across rough ground in the mediterranean.

The sound may be a little too intensive, but in general, it is fine. Realistically you should even get thumping in your temples and all that, so this may not even be as much as it could (should?) be

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Duplicate of #6917

Please PLEASE just give us a volume option to adjust the breathing. I and many other headphone users can't even play this game because of the gross breathing sounds. I have track ir so I always wear a headset, and it's nails on chalkboard listening to my character panting after walking 40 meters at combat pace.It also goes away so slowly after it starts that I have to wait at least 30 sec for it to stop. Just put a volume option for breathing because lowering it for everyone would inspire many spergings over perfect simulation being ruined.

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Closing as duplicate.