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Head Tracking is very inferior compared to other games
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ArmA 3 is advertised to have 6 DOF.

The default key binding is set to only 3 DOF.

Rolling works fine along with looking up/down and left/right, however:

Moving your head front and back zooms in instead of placing you in that space.


Also you can't even zoom in when you are looking side to side.


Moving your head up and down works horribly and barely moves at all. Doesn't even work in buzzard, or any car

Moving your head side to side works horribly and barely moves at all. Doesn't even work in buzzard, or any car

In the Buzzard, only 2 DOF are available. All others do not work on that vehicle.

Go to this video -

This video shows the default Head Tracking in FSX. If you watch the video from that point you can see that when the person moves his head front and to the side, it brings him to the space inside the cockpit. Doing this in ArmA 3 does not work at all.

In summary, I would like BIS to try and make the head tracking in the game more enjoyable and functional. It has been advertised as having all 6 DOF instead of 3 DOF in ArmA 2. However the only NOTICEABLE difference between ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 is that you can now roll your head. This is practically useless in situations other than infantry.


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There is "fake" 6 DOF like in MH/AH-9. But it is buggy and very hard to use as when you finally zoom view (with a key) the game still moves view based un-zoomed levels causing player to tense neck trying to do as small head movements as possible to keep view steady.

Haven't even tried TrackIR in other vehicles than helicopters because it is useless as infantry or less useful in cars.

But they need to fix it so that when a player zooms view, the TrackIR inputs are damped so view doesn't shake and move so radically from every small head movement what isn't visible when not zooming view.

I don't know does the Co-Pilot or others see player character movement in cockpit, but the 3 DOF seem to be limitation to character animations, what is not a problem in simulators as you don't see/look the character animations and there can be 6 DOF thats why.

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any dev gonna check this out?

I personally enjoy the artificial zoom when leaning forward, as it simulates squinting to see further. Something that is lacking when simply leaning forward in some instances, leaning forward lacks providing further details at a distance. Really necessary for flying. Sort of like sticking your noes to the window (or out a window) to see further!

It's also nice to zoom while using any type of magnifying glasses, as you don't have to hit any extra keys, as one usually already has their fingers on five to ten keys already, versus in real life most of those functions are already performed easily (or performed without thinking) by other body functions.

I won't vote either way on this, as I think the main focus of this issue is just basically improving TrackIR feature.

To those who haven't tried it, check out Feint's Head Range Plus mod, which is representative of head tracking done right. Currently only for aircraft, at some point in the future including ground vehicles.

Just an update here. From my experience, using TrackIR with a flight simulator is fun and easy, including TrackIR is almost essential hardware for a flight simulator unless you have multi-monitors or are handy with a joystick view hat.

For using TrackIR with first person shooter simulations, or within ARMA 3, I've found it best to use TrackIR from within third person view versus first person view. Using third person view gives a better view of the surroundings versus first person view. First person view much seems like looking through a two foot by one foot window all the time, with my face pinned to the monitor to see in the distance. When using TrackIR within 3rd person view, the larger viewing is very similar to the amount of detail seen in real life with two eyes and feels much more realistic! Think exponential here. Can you sincerely see your entire surroundings comfortably through a one foot by two foot window compared to reality? Another way to think of it, cut a one foot by two foot rectangle whole in the side of a box and put it over your head, and this is basically what ARMA 3 (or first person shooters) are trying to simulate within the 3D GL world!

Some things such as being able to look over some walls (although might seem unrealistic to some), makes maneuvering around seem more realistic as in real life it isn't too hard to just simply look over a wall. While within ARMA 3 moving around is troublesome and full of glitches at times. So the odd benefits of looking over a wall while using TrackIR, makes the GL environment seem more realistic and relaxed versus a hack or bug. Put it this way, when using third person view with TrackIR, I'm finally able to track down the enemy and maneuver close to them (either by sound or by visual indicators) without getting shot! When using TrackIR in first person view, this is currently very difficult and uncomfortable, and not really able to make much use of left, right , up or down head motions as it feel like my GL neck is kinked in some odd way.

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Also you can't even zoom in when you are looking side to side.

Please try switching the TrueView off in your TIR settings and see if it helps.

Thanks for the feedback. We are aware of missing or incomplete 6DOF functionality and we're sorry for the inconvenience. Will see if we can do anything about it and will keep you informed!

JeProject: ?

2014.10.09 02:13 - I see your deleted note but you made mention of third person being unrealistic compared to first person view. Although I tend to agree in a sense, I also see it as absurd though trying to say first person view is realistic while only being able to look through a 1x2 foot window! (Unless one is extremely wealthy and can afford to be bathed in computer monitors for playing first person shooters with some sort of degree of realism.) There is a huge loss of viewable information, not to also mention sensation. Playing in third person seems to provide more of a sense of a realistic viewable area. You might also see a trend where younger people likely think third person is cheating, but us older folks are the ones with the experience and easily realize the loss of information of a 1x2 foot window. A very good example; when flying a helicopter, the pilot in first person view has no peripheral vision while third person provides some peripheral vision as well as a sense of balance!

2014.10.10 20:41 UTC: By the way, switching off the TrackIR True View feature does once again allow zooming with head movements. (Thank God!)