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Reduce/Disable Panting sound.
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The audio for fatigued characters is very loud. It's unbearable in first person.


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In first person view run for an extended amounted of time, or with a lot of gear. To multiply issue, wear headphones.

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I have seen debates over realism and game mechanics. I understand why it's in the game. My issue isn't from my opinion of what is "realistic." My issue is that the sound is a trigger for me. I have a condition known as Misophonia. Certain sounds (slurping, lip smacking, heavy breathing, ect)trigger a "fight or flight reaction." For me this means the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, my heart rate increases, I become very aggressive, and I get surges of adrenaline. This is not a reaction I want when I'm playing a video game, and my reaction builds the longer I try to tolerate the sound. So I ask you to please add in the option to either be able to adjust these bodily sounds in the audio settings, or disable out right.

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Duplicate of #8833

All those years i m lookin' for a way to make my team-members feel the same annoying symptoms you describe in every Coop session in ArmA.

I don't want to offend of course..but only make you see a different aspect of
desired/imagined and planned experience from a..."game".


@GiorgyGR, I see what your saying but that's induced by stress and tension from a challenging situation. This is a involuntary reaction that makes me lose my shit. When I hear these noises in real life I have to walk away because I will hurt the person making them. This isn't an anger management issue as I'm a calm laid back person, but these sounds just make me so frustrated, irritated, aggressive, and enraged.

I respect your POV so i ll upvote

i hate heavy panting its shit