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Cannot find all multiplayer servers
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Opening the server browser (with default filter) will only show the servers in my region (Australia). Rest of the servers have a red cross and cannot be joined because of a bad version.

Refreshing the list does not show servers from the rest of the world. Noted that I was able to see them before but not anymore.

I have DMZ my IP so theoretically all ports are open.


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Launch Game > Play > Multiplayer > Only a tiny portion of Australian servers appear

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I have rebooted my modem a few times with no luck. DMZ my IP already, but have not port forward because doesn't DMZ open all ports? I can still see servers from other places from the world, but they have a red cross saying bad version.

Right now I can only play on 2 servers as they have reasonable amount of players. (One server with 30 players, one with 10).

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Do you have any mods installed? Are the servers you cannot access using the dev build?

No mods are installed, except for some Singleplayer and Multiplayer scenarios. As you can see in the attachment, the servers that cannot be accessed are NOT ALL Dev servers.

Sometimes spamming refresh a million times will show me extra servers.

Bump, not being able to join multiplayer is a HUGE bummer for me.

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I also have this. I play with a friend from another country and he gets different servers showing up on his browser than me. This issue is annoying especially if you are trying to find new servers to play on.

Good to see others with a common problem. Also, thanks for bumping the post.

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remove ping filter

Dr Death, my filter is on default; ping filter is not applied and at 0.

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My buddy in Ireland barely shows up when I try to connect to his server, and I'm on the East Coast of the US. He's not even that far away, and I still can't find him.

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correct me if i am wrong, but the lower the ping filter is it shows the lower ping servers, keep it at the maximum and refresh the server list.

if it still happends, boycott BIS, many people wanted to do it anyway since ArmA Tactics

This bug is really weird as I can sometimes see all the servers and sometimes I can't. I wanted to play today and I couldn't find any servers, so I waited a min and pressed refresh and there they were. I re-launched game and they disappeared again.

This time, I'll set max ping to 1000 instead of 0 and I will report back.

Same has been happening to me for months but if I use playwith6 to browse, i see all servers.

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I am currently in Abu Dhabi and my brother in Spain. Before the last patch I can host a game and he can see me but after the patch not anymore. I try everithing I could with no luck. No addons or mods neither.
I tottally agree that in the patch something has changed relevant to server browsing.
I also switch between Gamespy and Steam and nothing happens.

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Still with same issue...

This issue is still true as of 1.50... Sad that this has been going on for 2 years.

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