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Titan rockets do not lock on anymore
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titan rockets used to be lock on and fire rockets and are no longer that way


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equip Titan rocket launcher, grab AA titan rocket, find an enemy aircraft, Aim Titan rocket launcher at enemy aircraft, try to lock on, Fail

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Are you sure you used the right key?

Can't reproduce - both dev and stable build. Locks normally.

Have you recently changed your settings to default? Try T key.

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Yes I have found It isn't a multiplayer issue it is an issue with the scuba showcase.

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im having the same issues now , it will lock onto some aircraft on KOTH but not others. I have the lock on selected to T by default but no matter how long I target and press T the damn thing wont lock on. neither would any lock on weapons (I tried the tigris long range missiles but they wouldn't lock either).

@boabynixon could be specifics of KotH

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