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game crashes in ''SCUBA'' mission in showcases
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game crashes after I did deactivation of mines task and after an autosave, I can reproduce it every time I want and I didt it two time in attached file, I bought downloaded arma 3 today from steam please fix it in next patch!


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I also have some rare crashes in steam missions

it's seems Game crash after autosave in any mission I download steam workshop, please take a look at this BI

Do you have still this issue in actual version? Thank you.

amooei added a comment.Oct 8 2013, 5:30 PM

Ok finally I found more info
I just used lovest possible video settings (except resolution) and game never crashed again in single player and multiplayer, I have also updated my nvidia driver to latest beta version, but when can I use high settings? my pc runs all other new games smooth with most high settings,
I am just wait for patches from release and two recently still did not solve it
thanks and sorry for english

It can causes only one thing in graphic settings or some combination of settings. Try use higher settings for models, textures , when game will not crash, so you can try use higher AA or shadows. On overall standart setting is not game stable?

amooei added a comment.Oct 9 2013, 7:17 PM

when I use auto configure settings game not crash like using lowest settings, ok I'll first use high for objects, then textures and so on as you said, I'll report results here thank alot

thanks so much now I never crashed again, I just set all video settigs to lowest, then increased objects details step to step, I could reach highest objects details and no crash happened then increased textures step to step and no crash happened again and at last used standard for terrain and now I am playing arma 3 no crash happened like before.

I am still wonder can I use more high settings?

thanks again BI specially astaroth for your tips

hope this method help others who have frequently crash

I glad, that it helps:) You can try higher settings(step by step), until game will crash again. Let me know please, if you find combination, which causes this crash. Thank you.

ok after playing for a while now I'm sure I can't use highest option for terrain and game will crash especially in "helicopters" shocase mission, also using shadow even in "low" will drop FPS too low and sometimes in places with huge shadow cover such as forests, game will crash.
I really love to play incoming campaign far from these bugs please make us proud BI!
thanks I'm waiting

the problem is fixed now after upgrading ma RAM system. the game can use memory up to 2 gig and sometimes I had no enough space so crash happened.
you need to mention minimum system requirments for 4 gig of RAM not 2 gig!

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