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Bad translation into spanish
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There is an error in the spanish language:
While in-air with jets, there is an opption called ("Gear Up") which in-game is translated to ("Subir marcha") , but Marcha is NOT the word for that case, as Gear for the Spanish is known (In the cases of the planes) like "Tren" that is an abrevation from "Tren de aterrizaje" Sooo To us "Gear up" is translated by us like "Tren arriba" and gear down is "Tren abajo".

I hope you fix it, becouse it's annoying to "March Up" .


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Fly with a jet, use Spanish language

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Steps to reproduce: Fly with a jet, be Spanish.

Thanks for remeber it dude :)

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There are a lot of problems in the Spanish Translation. Someone with Spanish as mother language should revise the whole translation.

Yep. In fact, spanish is the second language in the world ( But everyone ignore us. EY MEN, We are not the same Spain as 20 years ago. We are not just small towns, we are not analphabets, and we are not just Mexicans...

Tisor added a comment.Sep 29 2013, 3:23 AM

Another one is "Regalarse" instead of "Curarse", for "treat yourself".

Please, don't use Google Translator anymore, look for a Spaniard to make this translation..

Hi! Spanish translations are being done by an external company, we don't use Google Translator (most of the time :)

Anyway, I have changed both this and "Curarse". Should be distributed with a new exe automatically.

Also, thanks for the repro @JoeOBrien :)

Maybe your external company uses Google Translate ;)

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