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Lower leg shots are lethal
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In arma 3 if you shoot someone in the lower leg or foot enough times they will die. But this is completely unrealistic. You can shoot someone in the leg 100 times in real life and they won't die until they bleed to death.

The game should require damage other than arms or legs for instant deaths, and instead make arm/leg shots deadly through bleeding over time.

the amount of bleeding of a limb can be dependent on how much damage it has taken. So if you shoot someone in the leg with a .50.. the leg should be gone first of all, but it will bleed a lot more than if you shoot it with a pistol.


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Say One .50 shot does 100 damage. And 1 pistol shot does 1 damage.

Then the leg will be gone after it takes 70 damage. So 70 pistol shots or 1 .50 shot will blow off the leg (add some randomness in of course.

but the unit will never die until they bleed to death.

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fully agree,

i see no point in recreating realistic bullit paths and using lots of cpu power etc... if the consequences are totally unrealistic.
Shots in legs, arms, torso and head should have all different consequenses.

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This is the shock caused by pain, most likely

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@ landmines, So because vanilla arma 3 doesnt have wound incapacitation/treatment then the game should be designed to make scripting realistic wounds hard to impossible?

in arma 3 dead cant be brought back to life, which means in my wound scripts if someone dies from a leg shot i have to delete them and create an entirely new unit. very annoying.

Actually, if we're talking scripting, shots in the legs will actually never kill you. Only shots in the torso and the head will.
On the other hand, every damage will add a little to the general damage, which eventually will end up killing the soldier.

Stating that you can't prevent that is wrong, and preventing people from actually dying from leg shots is very easy.