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Binoculars & Rangefinder not shwoing in Inventory
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tried with Bluefor -> sniper -> scout and a squadleader in the editor.

i could use binoc and rf by pressing the "b" key but, they dont show in the inventory.

I also tried to move a binoc from the bluefor support box to my binoc-inventory-slot, that didnt work either. {F22256}


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the Rangefinder is same Binoculars and exists in the unit you mentioned sorry votedown

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He is talking about that it is not shown in the gear dialog not that it doesn't exist at all in the unit.

I pressed G and the Inventory opened and there was Rangefinder there, although bohemia is assigned this post but I have no this problem in arma 3

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to clarify: Im using the current Dev build 1.03.110304

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I have the same issue. Was there one minute, gone the next :(

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I have the same problem using the current dev branch. I thought they weren't working at all, but now after testing I can confirm that I can use them by pressing B, however they don't show up in my inventory

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It seems that the binocular/Laserdestinator do work in singleplayer but do not work in multiplayer.

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doesnt show up in inventory nor can be be used at all

Hello the issue first occured to me with the 1.02 update of the game.
My current game version is 1.02.110654

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