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UAV wrong view when taking control.
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When I select take control or take control of turret with any of the UAVs or UGV I initially get a view as if I'm really there instead of a camera view.

This is easily fixed by pressing right click.

Video of it happening with A-2 Darter:

Version 1.03.110300


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Connect to a UAV/UGV using the terminal. Choose Take Control or choose Take Control of Turret.

Additional Information

When it happens I can move my head about. With the UGV I'm inside it and can only see the inside of the vehicle but with the Greyhawk I am on top of it.

I initially set this as 'Reproducibility: Always' thinking it was being caused by TrackIR because it only seemed to happened when using it and happened every time however it is now happening seemingly randomly.

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This problem also causes that after returning to your character view you are in several cases switched to optics and after RMB clicking you go from optics to 3rd person view.

Are you still observing this issue in the game? Thanks

Will get back to you tomorrow on that.

Can't apologize enough, I forgot to message back sorry.

It has not happened again.

That's fine. I'm glad it is fixed. Marking as resolved.

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