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requesting more blood and gore to arma 3
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i still feel that this game has lacked the blood effects...
im not asking for limbs to be blown off but more bloody textures on the units when they are hit or killed by an explosive round/mine.

if the option was there to have a hardcore mode in the blood option then it would defeat all the arguments where people disagree.
as they do not have to enable it!!!


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needs more red

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Too late. The game has already been released, and it's not possible to change the age limit afterwards.

but adding more to it will not increase the rating, its already M

Not in Finland for example. It's K-16 (16+ years).

There are more important things to work on first i think so i downvoted this.

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Hang on a second... I'm not asking for this to be right this second buddy,
Simply if it was added on a to do list would be ok for me.

But everyone is entitled to their opinion arnt they

tyl3r99, it's not possible to increase violence/gore because the game is not rated M in every country. Even blood splatter could change the rating, and that's simply not an option.

I'd like to see more blood and gore too, but I'm a realist: it's not possible to change that any longer.