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2S9 Sochor gunner cannot use cannon manually to aim and shoot nearly targets
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A 2S9 Sochor cannot fire on any near armored threats as player or AI, because gunner cannot aim the cannon


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1-start arma editor
2-play as a A 2S9 Sochor gunner and put an enemy armored like M2A1 slammer
3-you cannot shoot the enemy tank and just can use artillery
4-if play as driver the AI gunner cannot fight too
(sorry for english)

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This is intended. It's SPA (self-propelled artillery), not MBT (main battle tank).

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but he won't because he's not supposed to be close to targets that deserve a 155mm to the face

this is why he has a mounted turret on top

...Are you absolutely sure the gunner can do that in real life? Lets take an example: Can Pzh2000 gunner engage targets at point-blank range? SPG's have minimum elevation angle: show me even one photo of Pzh2000 where the elevation angle is <= 0. It's not designed for what you want it to be, modern SPG's are not deployed even remotely close to the enemy. In Arma 3 it's possible to hit targets approximately 500 meters away from you by adjusting the gun elevation (not just aiming with the targeting system [mouse]).

You want SPG's to be completely different that they are in real life. What next? Artillery computer for rifles so you can engage enemies on the other side of a hill by using indirect fire..?

Edit: tested SPG's when tried to repro another ticket. It seems SPG's in Arma 3 CAN use minimum elevation! This means they are even better suited for close encounters than they would be in real life. Then again, I didn't serve in the artillery corps, so can't be 100% sure about this. If this conversation keeps going, I will ask couple of friends who did serve in the artillery corps...

these pics show that there is no angle limition for self-propelled artilleries,
for a momentyou just think that there is an enemy tank in the gate of the your base and is moving to enter the base, you have only 2S9 Sochor which can aim 0 angle and shoot that tank but it's impossible in arma 3 because no one care about our bug reports, I can not buy arma 3 because I'm an iranian user and our banks are banned from business by the world but only way I can help Arma project is reporting these bugs, if any thing other can help I will do. I am following you from flashpoint 1985 in 2001
(hope our president rohani can do something in United Nations this week!!!)

I guess I'll have to stand corrected. However: self-propelled artilleries in Arma 3 have a minimum angle of negative degrees. I tested in the editor: it's actually very possible to destroy close targets with it!

And your example is not even remotely realistic. Arma 3 is about symmetrical warfare.

...And by the way... If you can't buy Arma 3, then how do you know you can't engage closeby targets (which you can, by the way)?

I cannot buy it but I can help to improve it, that sounds bad?

In other words: you pirated it..?
Ya, it sounds a little bit bad if you ask me...

if you are from bohemia your greeting is very very ungraceful, arma 3 was so far from releasing and people like me are take our time to tell you why it was! just see main page of this site, there is near 15,000 bugs reported which say yeah arma 3 shouldnot released last week!

I'm not working for BI. I'm a paying customer.

Try it before creating a ticket:

  1. launch Arma 3
  2. go to editor
  3. place any SPA anywhere, player as gunner
  4. preview
  5. elevate the gun manually to less than 10 degrees
  6. fire and observe where the round hits

Summary: It's possible to engage closeby targets. The 500 meters I mentioned earlier is the minimum distance of MLRS in Arma 3.

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I doubt that Arma 3 can be bought in Iran legally, I think it didn't get a license. Still, pirating it is bad, mkay?

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This is normal. But should only be used HE with a half charge

pops the USA restricted iran central bank in 2012 and so people can not buy any credit such paypal, visa card and etc. but there are some sites which provide us to buy original games but more expensive than it can be bought when restrictions gone, I really love to buy and support bohemia I am following it from flashpoint since 2001 but our Conditions are defferent.
And remember that no one including me hate pirating

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It's fixed now and is something like what I said! thanks