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We need different obstacle scaling animations
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The "v" step over object animation is extremely dainty and not at all suitable for combat situations. I can't tell you how many times ive sprinted under fire up to a fence. then stopped and tip toed over it slowly then started sprinting again.

Heres an example of scaling different height fences and walls at combat speed.

I think in arma scaling fences up to head height or even a little higher should definitely be implemented because it is done all the time in real urban combat.


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While I agree that there should be more animations, I don't think that a roll is the right one. What about backpacks? How stupid would it look if you run arround with a Darter on your back and just roll?

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I agree with Humay. Rolls on a battlefield is pure Hollywood. Besides, combat gear weighs a lot (ceramic plates, etc. For example a magazine weighs a lot when not empty) and makes you extremely clumsy. Rolling while on the ground (Q & E keys) is the most acrobatic feat you could do.

I agree with Humay that we may not agree with 'what' each animation may be, but I certainly agree with the general idea. The stepping over is good for tactical pace but there should ideally be a quicker leap or vault (or something) for running/sprinting.

Edit the ticket to exclude the 'roll' step over, and you have my vote

You have my vote.

It seems as though all the soldiers need training in parkour.