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Game crash, screen goes into standby mode
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Just staying on main screen with topdown view of the map rotating I get a CTD.



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Game Crash
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Start the game.

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I have a suspicion that this may be my graphics card because at the end of the rpt file there are DirectX11 errors stating device removed or reset.

Sometimes the screen will come out of standby mode and back to the desktop with NVIDIA drivers stating that they failed and then recovered successfully.

I have tested multiple NVIDIA drivers up to and including 326.80. and still get the same problem.

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This can be anything, hw overclock, driver issue or obsolete drivers. One user solved this, when he updated bios drivers.

Try update what you can please and let me know, if issue still persists.

Hi asteroth,

I think this is my Graphics card, I now have this happening on all my games so it is not ArmA III related.


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