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Object Models Swallow Other Objects
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Placing a cell phone, laptop or any similar object onto a table (in example) via ELEVATION, swallows the object into the table top, no matter the elevation. The small object simply falls INTO the table top instead of on top of it.

This is very noticeable with small items, as they just... disappear into the larger object (table, bench etc etc). In the case of trying to place a very tiny object like a compass, it will simply fall all of the way through to the ground.


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Place a bench, table or any other object inwhich you would normally place smaller items on. Try and place a small object onto the table or bench IE; lantern, phone or any small object. The object wont land on the surface but rather sink into the object's top.

Essentially rendering the object completely invisible if it's a smaller object like a phone.

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Trying to create this sort of subtle immersion is a real pain atm. I'll need to resort to attachTo simply to set a phone onto a table... and who's to say that will even workaround the problem? Items may attach themselves INTO the model aswell.

Oh nvm attachTo is broken too atm. Only works with specific objects. But Ofcourse not the camping tables I'm trying to use...

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Shitty Work Around: Disabling the items simulation allows them to remain exactly where you set their elevation.