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Logitech G930 skipping sounds
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I just installed this game, and i tried out the infantry showcase, and i ran into this problem, whenever multiple shots are fired in a row by either me or others, or both, my G930 skips the sound. I don't know if this is a Logitech side problem or the game's side. Anyone know any fixes?


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It's very unlikely that it's the headphones, it's most likely related to software. Try increasing the number of samples in the audio options.

tulx added a comment.Dec 30 2013, 3:38 PM

I have a pair of G930 headphones as well and have the exact same issue. It occurs only in ArmA 3, as far as I have noticed.
To be more specific, it seems that the "ambient" sounds such as wind and insect singing seem to be "skipped". I can play the game as it is, but the issue does get very annoying after a while, which prevents me from having longer sessions.

Additional info: running Win8.1 64 bit and no dedicated sound card, just the USB headset with virtual 7.1 sound.

The developers have confirmed that there are problems with their 7.1 surround sound implementation. I tried using stereo headphones with my onboard sound settings set to 7.1 and have the same problem, so luckily this is not a problem directly attributed to your headphones.

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i can only hear from right side when i am in a helicopter (1st person view)
headset is amazing, nothing is wrong there but this is so annoying. tried different drivers , audio settings etc. hope they fix it..

Peter added a comment.Mar 15 2014, 7:59 PM

Same old issue here.

Exactly same thing here with my brand new Logitech G930 Wireless.
It happens mostly when firing full auto and firing aircraft rockets/cannon, and when projectiles hit the ground the sound become very distorted and start skipping until the impact effect is gone. It happens with loud explosions as well and sometimes inside jets cockpits because of the engine sound.

-The problem occurs using the 7.1 surround, we can say it almost disappear switching to stereo mode but you can still hear a bit of distortion even on stereo.

This issue does NOT HAPPENS with ArmA II, or any other game.
I did a test making a mess of sound effects, burst firings, explosions and so on with all games i could try (including A2:CO, Hitman Absolution, APB, Shadow Warrior 2013, BF3, Skyrim, Tomb Raider 2013, GRID 2, and many others) just to check if my headset is defective but guess what, the surround works flawlessly with all those games. Not a single distortion or skip.

This is not a minor glitch, is a major sound issue from my point of view. All pro gamers use a headset, a lot of "normal" gamers use it as well, I bet -at least- half of them use surround and will experience the horrible distortion.
I can't believe theres nobody at BI which play/test A3 with a surround headset and says WTF when hearing some big explosion or a pair of soldiers shooting bursts.
PLEASE fix this, A3 is the top you guys can't ignore a serious flaw like this one.

System: Win7 Pro 64bit | OnBoard SoundCard (Asrock MB)

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I have this issue as well, previously with my Logitech G35. and exact same issue with my Logitech G930 (same headset, one is just wireless).

The ambient noises like wind/ocean etc. seem to skip and studder. Some other noises like crickets, etc seem to play in the wrong sampling rate (crickets sound like static).

If I switch to stereo, most of the problems go away but it's still not great.

Same here! I'm glad(-ish) to hear I'm not alone and that it seems to be a Arma 3-problem.

Topic should maybe be change to something more generic, like "Multichannel surround sound problem" rather then 'this is a Logitech issue'. It would make it easier to search for it.

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Resolved in Arma 1.46 in 2015