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Errors and misaligned text in Czech version
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Bug no.1
Overlaping text or text is overlaped by UI elements

Bug no.2
"SledovatIR" and "škrtící klapka" to "TrackIR" and "plynová páka"

Bug no.3
Text is overlaped by UI elements + untranslated text

Bug no.4
"Herní" what? There should be "Herní nastavení" or something similar

Bug no.5
"N. počet hráčů" to "Min. hráčů" or something similar + overlaped text

Bug no.6
Bottom left - text overlaped by coords
Top right -
"Synchronizovat" - well It's personal preference but "Synchronizace" seems better to me
"Spouště" - In every Arma game there was "Spínače" what is reason to change?
"Pokročilý průzkum" - doesn't sound good, really, something like "Info o misi" sounds good to me

Edit: 19.9.
Bug no.7
"Samopal Mk17 s holografickým zaměřovačem" It's just Holo for SMGs and not whole weapon w/ holo

Edit: 25.9.
Bug no.8
"Open parachute" instead "Otevřít padák"

Edit: 6.10.
Bug no.9
"rear gunner" and "commander" seats aren't translated


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Open Arma 3 w/ Czech lang and obeserve errors

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My resolution is 1680x1050 and UI size is small

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