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Ir laser beeing invisible after revived or respawn, so can't see it [addons installed]
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As title said it didn't show up in multiplay D:

Actually I can see my own one but the other people can't see it mine once i revived or respawn, either if other died and respawn I can't see their's (though they can see their own IR laser)

Dose anyone have this problem?

Yes, it will be no problem thta i can see my own but the ir laser's purpose could be direct the object or target :(.

I got this problem in every sever that have revived script.

Not sure it because revived scripts.

upadated -----------------------------------------------------------

Checked all addons. (turn each addons off, play with other player,[ofcourse who install exactly same as me] and tested)

the only solve problem was turn off all addons

Should I blame Dev or Addons makers :(


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Play any mission server

attache ir laser in rifle (Arma 3 's MX rifle also)

before I died, every one can see my IR laser

after I died, and respawn every one can't see my IR laser

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You already have your answer here. Instead of blaming anybody, just find which addon causes it and contact the addon maker.

@BlackMamb You're totally wrong :)