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Can't move while reloading launchers
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In ARMA 2 you can walk and jog while reloading a launcher.

In ARMA 3, once you hit reload with a launcher out, you can't move until it's finished.

Consider this scenario in A2: You peek over a ridge, take a shot with the launcher, turn around, and move back down the ridge while reloading the launcher to use again in another position or save for later.

In ARMA 3 this is not possible, you'd either get stuck on the ridge reloading, exposed to enemy fire, or have to move away before reloading.


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Fire a launcher and reload. Attempt to move while the reload animation is playing.

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I would expect that you should be able to jog or at least walk in standing/crouched stance, as in ARMA 2.

It's a simple necessity that you should be able to reload and move, the same as ARMA 2. You will get caught in situations where you started a reload, and an enemy appears out of cover or flanking. You need to move fast, but you'd be locked in place until the animation finishes

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The launchers are pretty heavy.

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Try it in real life

I dare you


Are you Russian? I bet people can actually use RPGs in Russia.

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That's where you are wrong. VBS 2 2.0 is a simulator. This is a game based on a simulator. Furthermore you could do this in ARMA 1 and ARMA 2 which are more like a sim than ARMA 3 at present.

Try it in real life

I dare you

Nice attempted troll. It's arguably easier to load a launcher compared to a rifle while moving, because the rocket is larger and easier to maneuver into the launcher.

See guys, I can play the trolling game too.

If you don't have anything constructive to add, don't bother commenting or voting.

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Sorry, this gets a downvote:
Reloading a launcher is a complex process, unlike reloading an assault rifle. It should not be possible to do while moving around. If you need to get away quickly after a shot, don't reload or go prone, which is now actually possible compared to the beginning of the Alpha.

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Duplicate of #10679.