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Mk18 ABR reload animation
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When reload Mk18 ABR, It didn't push any button. such as bolt realese button like M14 rifle

but with out any pushing button or control the bolt release automatically

It's looks unreal and no good for Eye Candy ):


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Yeh, the reload for this rifle is borked, and the animation is too (magazine is not synced to the hand.).

The bolt on the standard M-14 apparently locks back on the last round, but there is no bolt catch like on the AR-15 style rifles. Take out the empty magazine, rock in the new magazine (it cannot be pushed in straight, because it has a latch in the front.). Reach to the other side, pull the bolt handle back at the rearmost position, and release to close the bolt. It slams home and chambers a new round, and the weapon is ready to fire again.

Aside from this, the animations for the SDAR and MK20 are also a little buggy, in the former the magazine is also not synced to the hand, and in the latter the reload is way too fast and the sound is completely out of sync. - my ticked about missing bolt catch

M14 EBR has a bolt catch like ar15 (bolt catch from original m14 doesnt work as on ar15 that was just by design but newer m14 like EBR has a extended bolt catch/bolt release which works same as on ar15 )

just bis model doesnt have it for some reason :D

@RobertHammer k mate closing now :)