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User cannot manually aim Artillery Cannons
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Users cannot manually aim Artillery and MLRS launchers.
Personally, this reduces their usefulness because despite what the Artillery computer says is the "Minimum Range", in ArmA 2 i have manually aimed the Howitzer cannon at targets closer than the Artillery Computer will allow to take out targets numerous times.

Adding the ability to manually aim the Cannon/Launcher also adds a larger sence of realism to the game. Some ArmA 2 servers (Including some of my previous ones) have had the Artillery Computer disabled to increase realism/reduce the amount of people bombarding the map.


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  1. In editor, place a Player and any type of Empty Artillery.
  2. Get in as Gunner
  3. Try to aim up/down without the Artillery Computer

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"Zeroing up\down" for elevation.
"Switch gunner weapon" for the range mode.(But i think we don't need this range modes without computer)

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Ok thank you for that. I didn't notice.

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Artillery FCS. The artillery sight does not allow manual selection of the range of distance RNG, TRV and REL. ELV should receive automatically, depending on the choice of the trajectory HIGH and LOW. Or highlight REL = true when the angle of the barrel for HIGH and LOW is manually selected correctly.
This is necessary for a shot beyond the visible range when the ballistic computer is off.

The FCS is a direct Sight method. The Range is calculated from the point you are aiming at. The real FCS is the right side where you put in your elevation.
What you actually want are range tables, maybe BI can provide some.