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low fps in multiplayer on any game mode with any video setting
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I have a fx-6350,ATI 7870,8gb ddram3 and i get 30 max fps on any game server or game mode.I have tried to modify the gpu frames in the cfg file like i found on the forums.Put -nologs,-nosplash,etc into game launch options on steam.The firing range has no problem for me.Tried a bunch of servers with same result.One with atislife mode i had 40 fps max.I checked resource monitor and my cpu usage never goes over 30%.


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tried improvement.On 2 servers the fps was playable even jumped to 50.One was wasteland at night.Don't know if that was the case.But 8 other were just unplayable with changing any setting.

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I really hate guys like you complaining. Dude, be happpy, i get 20FPS in SP and I'm glad for that. On MP i get aroud 6FPS, so stop complaining about useless stuff. You are saying with 30FPS it's unplayable? There is no differnece between 30 and 60 FPS anyway and game is relativly smooth at 25FPS

first of all:you are not helping in any way.
secondly:if you are happy to play a multiplayer fps in 2013 at 6 fps good for you.nobody else is happy about an engine using just 1 of your i5,i7,6 core,8core amd difference between 30 and 60?go read benchmarks about diference between 30 and 60 in any game out there including this one.I post this so the devs can see it is a problem and maybe, i hope they will fix it in a patch.mi rig is more then enough to play any game out there decently and get 60 fps on low settings at least and this game shouldn't be an exception to that.
btw:when i said max 30 fps i mean rarely as hell it goes up to 30.usually around 20

I play on Wasteland maps with a good server and get 30 - 40 fps and that is a playable frame rate. Wasteland maps are full of stuff that sucks resources, how many players, the proximity of players, what area I'm in all factor into the FPS. It also depends on the quality of the server. When I play a co-op map I get 40-50 fps When I play SP I get about the same. Some people are having issues some are not. Our clan has a server and its a good one put DefG in the filter and see if it runs any better. The map is a wasteland map but it still needs work.

The only way i managed to gain FPS is NOT by changing graphics to low.
Didnt change my multiplayer fps a single bit from High to low... but what did change it was the view distance setting and object settings.

In SP i should be getting about 30-40fps with view distance at 6000+ View Distance with 5000 Object distance.

In multiplayer I would have between 5-9fps on these settings.

Changing the view distance to 2000 and object distance to 1500 gave me between 10 - 13fps.

Not good :(

But optimizations are still to come! :D Still will upvote++

noticed that still depends on server.regardless of what i choose on a lot of servers the fps is the same.i tried your server johnnie and no improvement

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Tested to join some servers with good ping and I had extremely poor performance. So bad it was unplayable. These were a bit bigger gametypes like domination etc. Worked good in all previous titles.

Single Player is super smooth.

i think evrebody can agree this game still needs optimization and improvement on a lot of different hardware.Never said it was a bad game.Loved arma 2,love this one but it needs more patches.So devs please listen to the community and improve it.

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Your fps converges towards the server fps to an extent dependent on the way the server administrator has set up certain parameters in the server config. The low fps in multiplayer is largely caused by poorly optimized missions, running on underpowered servers with far too many players. This said, even on well optimized missions the server fps is capped at 50 and in reality server fps over 40 is unachievable in any missions with substantial content. Thus you can expect your fps to be considerably lower in multiplayer if you are lucky enough to enjoy high frame rates in single player. You have to understand the above facts in order to comment on multilayer performance.

i do understand them.i just think they would have known all of this from alpha and beta and could have done something about least i know i am at the same level as people with even higher end pcs.

Direct Quote from Dwarden on Steam

Dwarden [developer] 13 hours ago

Originally posted by ROK-Lonewolf 29th ID:
'I have been playing this game series from OFP:CWC. So far I have played ARMA III for few days. From what I noticed most of the issues and problems that ARMA II had are fixed or improved. However, I still find few things that dev. team should look in to.

  1. Large frame drop in multiplayer. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it is almost unplayble.
  1. ARMA III Client crashes while you are playing multiplayer. My ARMA III client crashed about 5 times so far. Restarting the client usually fix the issue, but it is pain to restart the game loose all the progress.
  1. Multiplayer servers are unstayble. (Public one) I played on Korean Co-op Domination server, and eveytime at some point server crashes. IDK if it is server's fault or something else. ETC....'

-Dwarden's responce-

  1. depends on server, if server's FPS goes down so does Your client's FPS

so try to pick servers with well optimized missions and scripts

  1. if You get game crashes, then report that to Arma 3 Feedback Tracker

upload .rpt .mdmp .bidmp files (compressed into archive) for the moment of crash
(w/o these files we can't fix it)

  1. again if the server or clients are crashing,

please tell admin and players to report the crashdumps via Arma 3 Feedback Tracker just like point 2"

From dwardens response 1.The only thing to know if the server is ok is to play on it when there are more people to properly test it.An empty server works great with no problems.In cities fps drops as well and when A.I. is around.Depends on so much these fps drops.At least to reduce the factors that are causing this.Even by 5-10 fps.It makes a difference in this game those 10 fps.

I also think this is more server related than anything. What do you get when you play the NATO showcase? The only thing that irritates me is when you fly over cities/buildings there is massive "lag". Seems like it's loading all textures and objects even though you cannot see it. This seriously needs a fix ASAP. On my way to create a ticket for that.