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Missing localization files for every language
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I have a problem with localization of Arma 3. When I tried to change language of the game to Czech after release, nothing happened.

Intro (A3 logo, loading of addons, profile etc.) and Intel in main menu is in czech language, but rest of the game is still english. I also set czech in options in the Steam library, even whole Steam is in czech language, but still nothing. When I try another language (french, german...) it's same result. Steam always downloads something like a update with 0 kb and nothing more. And I'm sure this is wrong.

Data integrity verify in Steam options isnť helpful, it's even worse. My friend sent me his localization files from Dta and Addons folders, I used them and everyting was OK, all languages were OK. But then, I tried data integrity verify and it downloaded these files again without any localization except english. Clean install didn't help, as well.

I think this is caused by review version of the game. As editor of czech gaming magazine, I activated it and it looks like Steam still "thinks" I use review version (but I set normal version of the game in Betas tab of Steam properties, I donť use review version anymore), maybe due to the product code I activated for the purpose of the review version (I had access to the Alpha/Beta already). It looks like activated review code somehow broke the whole game on my Steam profile.

Below, you can see my screenshot from game, Steam and even Arma3.cfg file. Everything seems OK, czech language is set everywhere, but as you can see in main menu.jpg screenshot, everyting except Intel section is still english. {F22064} {F22065} {F22066} {F22067} {F22068} {F22069}


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Did you try changing the game language in the game options?
Main Menu>Configure>Game

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Yes, I tried it, you can see it in attached screenshot named options.jpg. I tried both in-game option and Steam option, even their combination, but with same result

Johny added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 2:07 PM

I have double checked the steam configs and the game should have all the languages. This seems to be problem with local Steam data.
Please try verifying your local game cache ( ) to see if it helps. If not, then try deleting all PBO and bisign files that have "language" in their name and run "verify local game cache" again. It should redownload few megabytes and fix the problem.

I tried everyting you wrote. Without success. After deleting all launguages files, it doesn't download few megabytes. It downloads exactly 286,1 kb. Just these files without any localization, I quess. Looks like there is not problem with local data, I still think that activated review code somehow broke the game on my profile.

To be honest, I don't care about localization, I would accept english, I'm just afraid that this problem can lead to other problems with content in the future. Because there is another strange thing. When I try to activate development build instead of normal version or try to verify localization files again, I see download of 0 kb update

Few minutes ago, Steam downloaded 7,3 MB update and everyting seems to be OK. I tried czech language, I tried german language as well and everything works properly. Well, looks like the issue is resolved. Thank you guys and let's hope it's the last problem probably caused by Steam trolling

Johny added a comment.Sep 16 2013, 4:48 PM

Yes I was able to fix the issue. It was indeed connected to Review version being active on the account.
Thank you for reporting ;)

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