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Lack of counds
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I never get full overcast. It's eighter no overcast at all, or some clouds. In most cases it's just blue sky with thunders and rain. After restart situation tends to change, but it's random, so blue sky can change into 20% overcast, or 50% overcast.

Examples. All changes were made in intel section of the editor:
100% overcast 100% rain 100% lightning:
After restart:

50% overcast, 100% rain:


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Start any mission/showcase/preview, get no clouds or some clouds. Restart and get different result.

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Unable to reproduce.

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Fadi added a comment.Sep 12 2013, 9:19 PM

Overcast is working fine for me.

Fadi - good for you.

Try setting cloud quality on ultra.

Ultra quality is not an option for my rig, but different configurations it randomly gives me result of "clear sky" to "little cloudy day" - never full overcast.

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How are you setting the rain and overcast values?

Possibly related to #3567

I'm using the editor. Updated description with that info.

Fadi added a comment.Sep 13 2013, 8:54 PM

If the problem is that the sky is never overcast at certain settings, that's pretty relevent information that probably should have been stated in the ticket description/summary.

You should update the summary title and description to mention that.

@Gugla - if you need any info, hardware info, reports or logs, just tell and I'll try to help.

Thanks Demicanadian, I will check it