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Ai has problems to drive Tanks.
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To descripe the Problems i will use some examples out of the Tank showcase.
Because of bugs i had to restart the showcase 3 times
1.bug: The Tanks drove into each other and started teamkilling.
2.bug: The Tanks drove into each other or against objects, and rollover.

       (This happend the third and last time, when i played the mission, too)

I have the feeling ist getting worse. I edited a new mission.
One Tank Platoon has to drive over an open field. (It is south of Limni).
The only object on the field are small stones and small stonewalls.
Every time i tested this mission, one or two tanks got stucked on these walls.


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Still the same problem, even after the patch

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Actually I found this to be a particular problem after the first post-release patch. I hadn't noted it before, even in Alpha/Beta stages.

Drivers of all vehicles just drive straight into rocks, even blowing themselves up if in fragile vehicles. I gave up on non-infantry AI teams in Warfare games...

I hope (ai) tank driving will be improved. There is a lot of seemingly tank-friendly terrain on Altis, but tanks get stuck on small obstacles like you say. At the very least I hope tanks will be changed so that they can drives over these small obstacles (low stone walls for instance).

Better path-finding is necessary as well.

"Ai has problems to drive Tanks" - Only Tank!?