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No scripting commands for maxTide
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Currently we have no scripting commands for tides in game, when the functionality for tides exist in game already. The parameter "maxTide" already exists and works in game, but currently is not a scripting command {F22040}


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A maxTide scripting command would be used the same as the maxTide Config command.
EX: "MaxTide = 15;" meaning the water level is now 15 meters high than normal.

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Tides are influenced by moon cycles

I am referring to the config parameter maxTide. And while affected heavily by the moon, storms cause the water flood areas around the Mediterranean and many other factors play into tide height.

The game definately would benefit from a scripting command that influences the tide. Just take a look at those screens:

Maybe it could be handled like this:
setMaxTide <value>
maxtide (to read the value)

setMaxTide -50
maxtide (value = -50)

setMaxTide 0
maxtide (value = 0)

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I'm not sure if changing it in real time is possible right now but it will be fine if this could be defined in description.ext so it would process it before loading the mission.

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