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Aircraft loadout system.
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In real life many aircraft can be mounted with different bombs and missiles based on the mission at hand. I feel this is an absolute must for arma. While a gui in the editor would be ideal (same with humans, it should have a loadout gui to replace the long list of all possible classes) simply allow us to use scripting to change the armament of varios aircraft. For example, the ah-6 in real life *can* be mounted with a 30 mm m321, or 2 50s. Also the missile pods could be changed out for various ATAM ot ATGM.

Same with the attack helis or planes. There is no reason to have two different planes for cas and AA. They should just be loaded with different missiles. I would love to have both laser guided and gps missiles on the CAS. Ammo type would also be a real bonus for the machine guns. I should be able to choose between explosive or AP, or HEAT rounds.

Just adding this functionality would make for way more variance and make it much easier for novice mission makers to make unique experiences.

Who does want to mount 2 m2s and 2 "hellfires" to a littlebird ;)

Note: apparently the gun pod on the buzzard could be attacked to helicopters, like the OPFOR one. Imagine that, 2 ZVI plamen PL-20 dual barrel guns under the wings along side the 30 mm main gun and a few missile pods. Awesome.


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Additional Information -- list of various weapons for the ah-6 -- Alternate weapons for the buzzard -- ZVI Planmen PL-20 info.

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I think about the same. You can also use the same system for tanks and other vehicles. Many of the ArmA 3 armored vehicles use the same body and only other turrets. So maybe it's imagineable with small UI, model (and maybe engine) changes to build the vehicles out of two or more parts (body, weapons or turret) selectable in the editor.

I hope BIS take some time to look at these older tickets. This is a great idea.

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Jets DLC.


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